IUIE Reports

Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) is IU's central, web-based reporting environment. It allows users to query institutional data to generate reports.

All IUIE users can see all the report objects in the Master Catalog, but not all users have access to all objects. Your access may be restricted based on your role at IU. To request access to departmental payroll reports, follow these steps.

Remember that, as an IUIE user, you have signed compliance forms agreeing that you will not share information in the IUIE with third parties. If you are unsure about a particular request, contact FMS Customer Service for assistance.

IUIE is refreshed nightly; therefore, data in IUIE is one business day old. IUIE data dates back to 2003.

Links to step-by-step instructions for many payroll-related IUIE reports are listed below. For more information about IUIE, refer to the IU Knowledge Base.

General Query Guidelines

  • Enter selection criteria in the same format as the examples (dates, department codes).
  • You can click a Valid Values button to select one or more criteria for a field. If you leave a field blank, the report will return ALL values.
  • If a field can contain wildcards, a "Wildcards Allowed" link will display to the right of the field.
  • Separate multiple entries in a field with a comma (no spaces).
  • Be sure to use CAPS when entering the selection data.

Kuali Time Queries

Note that all Kuali Time audit reports have defaults when run without date/payroll parameters to allow scheduling. If you leave the dates blank, the report will default to the current pay period.

Payroll Queries

Payroll processors: your security access in IUIE is the same as your payroll voucher profile; you should only be able to run queries on employees in your department.

Employment Verification Queries

The below reports are only available to Central Payroll Office staff. A list of additional IUIE reports for Central Payroll Office staff is available for download (xls).