New Employee Checklist

New IU employees must complete six tasks right away:

  1. Set up computing accounts
  2. Enroll in Duo
  3. Establish Direct Deposit
  4. Complete tax forms
  5. Confirm personal information
  6. Complete the veteran and disability status forms

Your hiring department will give you your 10-digit University ID number (Empl ID) and will tell you when you can begin using One.IU, IU's web portal. The five tasks listed above will all be completed through One.IU.

Once your paperwork has been processed by IU Human Resources (HR), you can create your first Indiana University computing accounts by using the Create My First IU Computing Account service on One.IU. Read this Knowledge Base article to learn more about this process.

After creating your computing accounts, you will need to enroll Duo, in IU's two-factor authentication system by following these instructions from the Knowledge Base. Once you have completed your Duo enrollment, go to the New Employee Activity Guide in One.IU to provide the information needed for steps 3-5.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is mandatory for all IU employees. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, IU will issue you a paycard prior to your third paycheck. You must present a photo ID in Poplars 527 (or your campus payroll office) to collect your paycard.

Follow these instructions to set up Direct Deposit.

Note: you may enroll in Direct Deposit too close to payday for Direct Deposit to take effect for that paycheck. In that case, you will receive an email asking you to pick up your paycheck in Poplars 527 (or your campus payroll office). You must present a photo ID to collect your paycheck.

Tax Forms

Your tax forms are populated with default settings. New employees can change the default information by clicking on the Payroll & Tax icon in the Employee Center.

New employees should review and, if necessary, edit their W-4 and WH-4 tax forms.

Follow these instructions to learn more about accessing and editing tax forms at IU.

Personal Information

The Employee Information section of the Employee Center allows IU employees to keep all contact information current. Current contact information on file with IU allows IU to send important information, updates, and documents (such as your W-2 tax statement if you did not consent to receive it electronically). All new employees should review the information in this section of the Employee Center for accuracy.


Veteran and Disability Status Forms

Complete the veteran and disability status forms. As a public institution, Indiana University is required to look at its workforce and make good faith efforts to improve equity and access. By law, this information cannot be used against you and it will not be shared with your department, your supervisor or co-workers. You can update the forms in the "Personal Details" section of the Employee Center anytime your status changes.