Payroll Conference 2014


Out-of-State Project: John Brumley and Cassandra Franks

  • Session regarding current and future status of taxation policies and procedures for employees who work for Indiana University but reside and/or work outside the state of Indiana.

Paperless New Hire Process: John Brumley

  • Session recapping the process for introducing new hires to Indiana University's payroll system.

Approving Adjustment Vouchers: Lora Headdy

  • Session reviewing the best practices for entering and reviewing adjustment vouchers.

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions: Mike White

  • Session for questions and answers to some of the most common questions received in central payroll offices.

Kuali Time: Lora Headdy

  • Session identifying critical details in the Kuali Timekeeping system and addressing many common questions from Kuali Timekeeping end users.

Payroll Processing Standard Operating Procedures: Lora Headdy

  • Session introducing and reviewing new and updated payroll standard operating procedures.

Payroll Updates: Mike White

  • Session covering upcoming events and changes in payroll.


Adjustment Voucher Approval Process: Best practices for entering and reviewing adjustment vouchers.

FLSA Overtime Calculator (Excel with macros): Excel worksheet for estimating gross pay when an employee works overtime.