The Payroll group with Financial Management Services supports the entire payroll process at Indiana University. In conjunction with University Human Resource Services, we support the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) as well.

Contacts for Payroll

Listing of various contact details for payroll related questions.  If the documentation provided here does not address your question, you can contact your FMS payroll support person to get additional help.

Kuali Time

Kuali Time is the system that Indiana University uses to collect time and attendance data for our overtime eligible employees.  We have documentation and training related to using the system for both our payroll processors and supervisors as well as our end users.

Payroll Calendars

There are a lot of payroll related deadlines every month. We have created several sets of calendars for all of these events so that everyone can have access to those deadlines in a well organized calendar. There are lots of calendars to choose from, have a look and see which one gives you the information that you need.

Payroll Processors Information & Procedures

Looking for procedure documentation, various earn code lists, payroll policies, or any other payroll administrative information? We have Standard Operating Procedures, Object Code Tables for University Pooled Benefits, and other important payroll documentation that you might need when reviewing your payroll voucher information.

Payroll for Employees

Payroll is something that affects all of our employees here at Indiana University.  We have documentation for new hires and direct deposit setup and other relevant information to all our faculty and staff at large.

Central Payroll Office Resources

Reference material and procedural documentation is available for the unique tasks handled by central payroll offices across Indiana University. We have consolidated these resources for ease of reference.