CAMS Closing

Financial Documents

We would like to encourage organizations to approve their financial documents that impact capital object codes on or before June 30, 2014. This would include re-classifications, or account movement.  It is important to remember that Financial Documents with a capital object code either create a new asset or modify an existing asset. When modifying an existing asset, it is important to check the amount on the asset to ensure the amount on the financial document corresponds to the asset amount. To find the amount charged against the account or object code for a given asset number, you can:

  • On the Modify Capital Assets tab in the Capital Asset for Accounting Line section, use the "magnify" search button next to the asset number field. On the asset lookup screen, enter the asset or tag number and perform a search. In the search results, click on the asset number hyperlink. Go to the payments tab and click on the show button. This tab will display payments applied to the asset. the accounting lines selected for processing on the financial document should not exceed the amount for a given account or object code on the asset.

Physical Inventories

To complete a physical inventory, Asset Retirement, Asset Transfer, and Equipment Loan/Return Documents must be approved on or before June 30, 2014.  Any Retirement or Transfer document not approved before June 30 will be routed to the University Capital Asset Office to be held “for approval” until after final close.

Pending Document Report

A report of pending documents for your organization may be generated from the Unapproved Documents in inbox by Chart and Org report. The report can be found in the IUIE in Kuali Financial\Capital Asset Management System\Inventory Control Reports\.

Capital Asset Document Type Codes are:

  • AT - Asset Transfer
  • ARG - Asset Retirement Global
  • ELR - Equipment Loan Return

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Capital Asset Management at