The Operations Division of Financial Management Services (FMS) ensures the stability, integrity, and security of Indiana University’s financial accounting systems by: providing oversight of the university's accounting cycle; developing and maintaining effective methods for accepting financial data; providing system assurances through financial, management, and operational reporting; and conducting monthly and annual closings. The Operations division also maintains the decision support environment for financial data, provides support for administrative and campus units submitting accounting ledger feeds, manages the disbursement function for accounts payable, and produces accurate and timely financial reports.

Financial Systems Administration

For general assistance please contact FMS Operations.

Sterling George
Director, Financial Systems Administration

Tracey Mui
Financial Systems Analyst

Systems Administration and Management

Kevin Atkins
Student Loans System and Database Administrator

Orah Cullison
Network Systems Specialist

Ron Reuter
Senior Systems Analyst

Records Management

Bethany Phillips
Records Management Coordinator

Systems Development and Decision Support

For general assistance please contact FMS Request.

Chris Shelton
Development Manager, Database Administrator

Tim Johnson
Systems Analyst, Programmer

John Boshears
Systems Analyst, Programmer