Processing Organization Info:

What is the Accounts Receivable Processing Organization Assignment for my Billing Organizations?

General AR:

What is the difference between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable?

Non-Student Accounts Receivable are charges billed separately from the bursar system to external parties (Non-IU) for goods or services provided. University organizations must use KFS-AR or a previously approved accounts receivable system to generate invoices for any amounts owed to IU by external customers.

Accounts Payable are amounts Indiana University owes to external parties for goods or services purchased by IU.

What is the difference between a customer and a vendor?

A customer is a party that purchases goods or services from a vendor. If an external party (Non-IU) purchases goods or services from an IU organization, the external party is the customer and will receive an invoice from the IU organization.

A vendor is the party providing the good or service to the customer. If an IU organization invoices an external party for goods or services provided, the IU organization is the vendor and the external party is the customer.

Who should I contact with questions about soliciting or accepting donations?

Please contact Sheila Decker at Indiana University Foundation prior to soliciting or accepting donations.

IU Policy FIN-ACC-I-40 provides guidance to faculty and staff concerning the depositing, recording and acknowledgment of all charitable gifts received on behalf of Indiana University.

Who should I contact with questions about sponsorships?

Office of Sponsorships, Licensing, and Trademarks.


Is there a step-by-step guide to all Billing Organization functions on the Non Student AR website?

Yes, a Billing Organization User Guide can be found in the Reference Information for Billing Organizations section of the Non-Student Accounts Receivable Webpage. Additional training material can be found on the FMS website under the Training tab.

How frequently do I need to do billings?

Customers, both internal and external, should be invoiced immediately after the good or service has been provided and no later than the end of the quarter in which the good or service was provided. If a job takes place over a period of time, progress billings should be done based on the percent of project completion.

Please reference the following Standard Operating Procedures for additional information:

RSOP 2.0 Reporting Requirements for Recharge/Service Centers

ASOP 2.0 Definition of Reporting Auxiliary and Service Centers

ASOP 7.0 Reporting Requirements for Non-Reporting Auxiliary Units

What is the difference between a correction, a credit memo, and a write-off?

A Correction edoc will reverse an invoice that should not have been created; however, an invoice cannot be corrected if there have been payments applied to it.

A Credit Memo (CRM) document is used to credit the original invoice due to returns, price adjustments, or to remove open balances that will not be received due to costs associated with doing business, i.e. bank fees deducted for wire transfer payments.

An Invoice Write-off (INVW) document is used to write off the balance of an outstanding invoice due to non-payment stemming from the customer not being able to pay (bankrupt, dispute, unresponsive, etc.).


How do I know if a customer already exists in KFS AR?

Use the Customer Look-up feature in the Reference section of the Accounts Receivable module to determine if the customer already exists. Always change the Active Indicator to Both so that inactive customers are also included in your search results.

  • Note: Wildcards can be used in the search criteria. It is best to search for part of the name you are looking for so that more results are returned. Once the list of search results displays, you can click on the column titled Customer Name to sort the list by name.

How do I edit or add a new address for a customer?

Perform a search for the customer number or look the customer up by using wildcards. This will return all of the addresses for that customer.

  • Click edit in the Actions column of the search results.
  • Follow these steps to edit the customer:
  1. Enter a description such as add address or edit address is sufficient.
  2. Go to the Addresses tab. Make sure in this section that the customer name appears as it would need to be addressed on an envelope, i.e. John Doe, instead of Doe,John. The address section of the customer setup does not have to follow the Business Rules for Naming New Customers.
  3. It is okay to leave the address type as Alternate. Enter the new customer address and click the Add button. Important: the address will not be added to the record if you do not click Add.
  4. Submit the document to route to Non-Student Accounts Receivable for approval.
How do I make a customer active or inactive?

Once you have performed a search for the customer, click on the edit option under the Actions column of the search results. This will open the customer set-up screen.

  1. In the description field, please notate the edit is to active or deactivate the customer. Do not specify the customer is only for use by your department or organization.
  2. Under the General Information tab, you will see a blank box labeled Active Indicator. Check the box by clicking it to activate the customer or uncheck the box to inactivate the customer.
  3. Submit the changes and the document will route to Non-Student Accounts Receivable for approval.

How do I add a new customer?

To create a new customer, click Customer under the Activities section of the KFS Accounts Receivable module.


Create New Customer KFS.JPG

  • Enter a description - New Customer is sufficient. Please do not specify the customer is only for use by your department or organization. All IU campuses share the same customer database, and duplicate customer records should not be entered for department use only.
  • Be sure to follow the Business Rules for New Customers located in the Kuali Documentation for Billing Organizations.
  • Enter all of the required information indicated with an asterisk next to the field. You must click the Add button after entering the address information.
  • If you want the customer name to appear in the first name last name format on the invoice, i.e. John Doe, you can enter it this way in the Address section of the customer set-up even though the naming rules require the customer record name be entered as Doe, John.

Naming Example for the General Information Section of Customer Set-up (The first three characters of the customer number are pulled from this section. The naming convention for this section does not appear on the invoice.):

Naming Example for Address Section of Customer Set-up (This will appear on the invoice):

  • Once you have completed the customer set-up, submit the edoc so it will route to Non-Student Accounts Receivable for approval.
  • All customer record changes must be approved by Non-Student Accounts Receivable before they will be available for use in the KFS AR Invoice edoc.
Are the Business Naming Rules for customers posted on the Non Student AR website?

Yes, they can be found in the KFS AR and Training Documentation section of the Non Student AR website.

Will I be able to use the customer immediately after submitting my changes?

The customer must first be approved by Non-Student Accounts Receivable before you can add it to the invoice. It will not appear in any of the customer searches until the customer document is in Final status. Non-Student Accounts Receivable usually approves new customer documents and any customer edits in a timely manner, but please contact if you need immediate assistance.

Should IU departments be added as new customers for invoicing?

No, when one IU department needs to bill another IU department, the transaction is considered internal. An Internal Billing document or Service Billing document should be used for internal transactions. Only external customers are invoiced through the KFS Accounts Receivable Module.

If IU department A wants to use Foundation funds to pay IU department B for goods or services, does IU department B invoice through KFS AR or create an internal/service billing? Who is the customer in this situation?

If the payment will be issued by IU Foundation, an invoice should be created in KFS AR with IU Foundation as the customer. Please refer to ARSOP 3.0 Invoicing Indiana University Foundation for specific requirements for these billings.

Can an IU department address be used for a customer who is also an IU employee?

If an IU employee is purchasing goods or services for their personal use, a home address should be used instead of their work address. It is acceptable to use an IU email address as part of the customer contact information.

What contact information is required by Non Student AR when setting up a customer?

Non Student AR requires a telephone number and email address or physical address at minimum before the customer will be approved. For collection purposes, it is strongly encouraged that all contact information be obtained from the customer.

Is it okay to use a campus address for a student, student organization, or business renting office space on an IU campus?

Yes, IU addresses are only allowed for customers that actually reside or rent office space on-campus. The customer record initiator will be required to add a note to the customer record explaining that the customer resides or rents office space on-campus before Non-Student AR will approve the new customer request.

If the customer address I need to use is listed as an Alternate address, do I need to change it to Primary to use it on the invoice?

No, regardless of whether an address is labeled primary or alternate in the customer setup, all active addresses within the customer setup can be used in the invoice.

Vendor Forms:

How can I setup Indiana University as a vendor/supplier with an external party?

Non Student Accounts Receivable will only assist with online portal registrations to establish IU as a supplier. Please use the following guide to complete any paper/PDF supplier forms required by your customers and then route to Treasury Operations and/or Purchasing for the appropriate review and signatures. 


Signature Authority:

  1. IU W-9 or substitute W-9 forms:
    1. Don Lukes is the only IU Officer with signature authority to sign official tax documents. Please send substitute W-9 requests to Treasury Operations for Don Luke’s signature.
    2. FMS publishes a signed IU W-9 on the FMS website. You may access it by clicking here.
  2. Banking information:
    1. All forms that require banking information and a signature must have the banking information section filled in and signed by either Ruth Harpool or Kim Stuart in Treasury Operations.

                             I.All other information on the forms must be completed prior to sending to Treasury Operations.

  1. Contract/Agreement Terms and Conditions:
    1. Purchasing will review and approve terms and conditions or forward on to General Counsel for review/signatures.

                             I.Email completed documents to Tally Thrasher at

  1. Online Vendor Registrations:
    1. Email online vendor/supplier portal registration requests to Non Student Accounts Receivable at



Substitute W-9 or Supplier form information

Company Information:

  • Legal Name: Indiana University
  • Legal Address – do not use your department address:

               400 E 7th Street, Rm 501,

               Bloomington, IN 47405

  • Tax Classification:
    • State agency
    • Other: State of Indiana and a 501 (c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization
  • Vendor Type: State or Local Government
  • TIN: 35-6001673
  • DUNS (Primary): 00-604-6700  - each campus has their own DUNS number so this may vary. 

Diversity Classification Questions:

  • Minority Owned? No
  • Veteran Owned? No
  • Women Owned? No
  • Emerging Small Business? No
  • Disadvantaged or Disabled? No

Ordering/PO Information:

  • Address: Billing Organization specific
  • Email: Billing Organization contact email
  • Contact: Billing Organization specific

Payment Remittance Information – this information also appears at the bottom IU’s W-9 form:

  • Email:  - do not use your department’s contact information for remittance purposes. This should always be Non Student Accounts Receivables’ information.
  • Phone: 812-855-4802
  • Only Treasury and NS AR have the authority to input this information into online portals.