Using Doc Search to Find a Document

The doc search button is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Using this button, you can search for a document you want to view or work with.

1.†††† Click Description: icon-port-docsearch.

2.†††† Enter search criteria.

Note: For explanations about search criteria fields, see Standard Data Entry, Selection, Action, and Navigation Tools and Standard Links and Icons.

3.†††† Click Description: buttonsmall_search.

4.†††† Click the document ID link to open the document, the Initiator ID link to retrieve a workflow user report, or the Route Log icon Description: icon-route-logto view the workflow status.

Document search criteria:




Document type. Enter the document type or select it from the Document Type lookup Description: searchicon.


User ID of the document initiator. Enter the user ID or select it from the Person lookup Description: searchicon.

Document/Notification ID

Enter the numeric document ID assigned by the system.

Date Created from/to

Enter or select from the calendar Description: cal†the range of document creation dates to search. You may select the From date only, the To date only, or both.

Name this search (optional)

To save the search criteria for future use, enter a name for the search. All saved search are accessed via a list at the top of the document search screen.

Tip: Using Wildcards (*) in the Search Criteria: The use of asterisks in the search criteria allows you to perform pattern matching. To search for documents containing a string of characters in alphanumeric fields such as Document Title, you may enter a character string in the search criteria accompanied by asterisks. For example, enter '*test' to search for a document title that ends with the word 'testí. Enter 'test*' to search for a document title that begins with the word 'testí. Enter '*test*' to search for a document title that has the word 'test' somewhere in the document title.

Note: For information about advanced features of the document search, see Advanced Document Searches.


Performing Custom Document Searches