Traveler Expenses Section

Note: This section is optional if the Per Diem or Personal Vehicle section is completed.

This Traveler Expenses section is used to itemize other reimbursable out of pocket expenses the traveler may have incurred. These are typically expenses for which the traveler would provide you a receipt.

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Traveler Expenses section definitions:





Required. Select the type of expense that needs to be reimbursed from the list. Examples include Airfare, Lodging, and Taxi/Limousine Services.


Required. Enter the company name that the traveler paid for the service. Enter the company name or search for it from the lookup Description: searchicon which lists pre-loaded companies specific to the expense type you have selected. See note below.


Required The dollar amount the traveler paid for this particular expense.

Expense Sub Total

Display-only. The expense subtotal tracks all the expenses entered in this section

Note: The new companies are added via the Travel Company document. For more information about the Travel Company document, see Disbursement Voucher Travel Company.


Grand Total Section