Transaction Document Type Tab

The Transaction Document Type tab identifies specific types of e-docs (if any) to be used as selection criteria when calculating fees.

Note: This tab is available for your use only if the Fee Type value is T (transactions) in the Fee Method tab.

Warning! If the Select by Transaction Type box is checked in the Fee Method tab, the Transaction Document Type tab must contain at least one e-doc type for which the Include box is checked.

Transaction Type tab definitions:



Transaction Document Type

Required if e-doc type is to be used as a criterion when calculating fees; otherwise, not used. Specifies a type of e-doc to be used (Asset Increase, Asset Decrease, Liability Increase, etc.)


Indicates whether this type of e-doc is to be used as a basis for fee calculation. Uncheck the box to discontinue using this type of e-doc for the fee calculations for this fee method.

After entering information for a type of e-doc, click .


Endowment Transaction Code Tab