Tables Shared with Other Modules

Since Budget Construction combines base budget data from the General Ledger and position and incumbent data from your institutionís payroll system, it shares tables with the Labor Distribution module. Additionally, some Budget Construction functionality is controlled by the Function Control table, which is shared by the Budget Adjustment document within the Financial Processing module.

Shared tables:




Labor Object Benefits

Stores fringe rates to calculate benefit budget.

Labor Distribution

Labor Object Codes

Signals the system that the budget line is salary related.

Labor Distribution

Budget Function Control

Defines the flags for BC processing.

Financial Processing

Fiscal Year Function Control

Stores the setting of the Budget Function Control for each year.

Financial Processing

Note: Fiscal Year Function Control Table: Some function control codes play an important role in activating and deactivating certain parts of Budget Construction functionality and in starting and stopping the budget construction cycle.

Note: For information about these function control codes, see Function Control Code.


Concept of Calculated Salary Foundation