Service Billing

The Service Billing (SB) document is a restricted use document. Like the Internal Billing (IB) document, it is used for the billing of goods and services provided by a university department to another internal department, reflecting income to the provider and expense to the customer. These transactions are generated by the servicing department.

The difference between the SB document and the IB document is that the SB does not route for fiscal officer approval. A formal pre-agreement exists between the service provider and the department being billed; based on a service provider's ability to provide documentation for all transactions. This pre-agreement serves as an ongoing approval for these transactions and restricted access for SB document initiation ensures that only authorized organizations can create a billing without approval routing.

The SB document is used by the members of KFS-FP Service Billing Processor role. These users belong to university departments that have pre-agreements for the billing of goods or services provided to other departments.

Warning! The KFS-FP Service Billing Processor Role: Each member of this role is associated with one or more account numbers. These account numbers can then be used on the Income side of the document by that role member,


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