Select Labor Ledger Balance Records for these Employees

In this step, balances are retrieved from the Labor Ledger for the employees and object codes identified in the previous steps. Only entries with a Balance Type Code of 'AC' or 'A2,' an Object Type Code of 'EX' (Expense) and the fiscal year(s) associated with the report will be selected.

It is possible to exclude the Labor Ledger entries associated with certain types of accounts by using the ACCOUNT_TYPE_CODE_BALANCE_SELECT parameter. ACCOUNT_TYPE_CODE_BALANCE_SELECT gives valid/invalid account type codes for the extract balance select. For example, perhaps you want to exclude entries that are associated with Work study accounts. This parameter can be used to exclude account type codes by setting the Parameter Constraint Code to 'D. Alternately, if you set the Parameter Constraint Code to 'A,' only the account type codes specified in the Parameter Value will be eligible to have their Labor Ledger entries selected.


Monthly Summation