Repair History Tab

Description: Wor6157

This tab presents any repair history for the asset.

Note: Please note that the add button must be clicked for each repair history added to the New Addition section. Any old repair information for the asset is displayed in a separate section.

To create a repair history, the system requires an incident date and problem description. The incident date must be unique.

Repair History tab definitions:



Incident Date

Required. Enter the date the problem with the asset was reported or select it from the calendar.

Problem Description

Required. Enter a comprehensive description of the problem with asset and the need for repair.

Repair Contact Name

Optional. Enter the name of the person or company that will perform the repair on the asset.

Estimated Repair Date

Optional. Enter the estimated completion date for the repair or select it from the calendar.

Repair Date

Optional. Enter the actual date the asset was repaired or select it from the calendar.

Repair Amount

Optional. Enter the cost of repairing the asset.

Repair Solution Description

Optional. Present solutions that will lead to the repair of the asset.

Repair Note Text

Optional. Enter additional notes related to the asset repair.

To add an incident to the asset's repair history, follow these steps:

1.     Enter the unique incident date.

2.     Enter the problem description.

3.     Enter the remainder of the information as it applies or is known.

4.     Click Description: tinybutton-add1 to add the repair incident.

Added repair history records appear as shown above. A repair incident may be removed before submitting the Asset document by clicking on the delete button in the middle of the bottom of that incident record. Modifications may not be made to existing repair history records.


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