Recurrence Details Tab

Recurrence Details tab definitions:




Recurrence Interval Code

Select an option from the menu to specify the duration between invoices.

Recurrence Begin Date

Use the calendar tool to select the date of the first invoice recurrence. Note: Must be later than current day.

Recurrence End Date

Use the calendar tool to select the date of the last invoice recurrence.

Active Indicator


Click to place a check mark within the check box to specify the active indicator for search and reporting purposes. This flag resides in a maintenance table that determines whether a particular record (table row value) is available for use or not. Typically, inactive values may not be used on transactions or assigned as attributes in other tables.

Total Number of Recurrences

Enter a numeric value to indicate how many invoices will be produced during the specified time frame. Note: Must agree with end date duration, or leave this field blank and the system will calculate the number of recurrences based on the end date.

Invoice Initiator

Use the lookup Description: _searchicon to search for and select the username of the individual who is responsible for initiation of the invoice.


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