Payment Request

Warning! In order for users to submit the Payment Request document, the ENABLE_BANK_SPECIFICATION_IND parameter must be set to Y and the DEFAULT_BANK_BY_DOCUMENT_TYPE parameter must be completed. Even if your institution is not planning to use the Bank Offset feature in KFS, the DEFAULT_BANK_BY_DOCUMENT_TYPE parameter must be completed if your users plan to use the Payment Request document. Bank offsets will not be created if the Bank Offset feature has not been configured.

The Payment Request (PREQ) document is created in response to receiving an invoice for goods or services requested from a vendor on a PO. The system provides two ways of creating a payment request:

One is automated through the electronic invoicing process. If the electronic invoice passes all matching and validation criteria with the PO, the system generates the PREQ document automatically. If a discrepancy is found during matching and validation, the electronic invoice data may be processed via the Electronic Invoice Reject document in the action list of an Accounts Payable Processor. This user researches the reasons for the rejection. Subsequent editing and approving the Electronic Invoice Reject document initiates a payment request document if validation rules can be satisfied.

The other approach is to complete the Payment Request document manually using the screen described in this section.

If invoices are processed centrally by your institution, initiation of a Payment Request document is likely restricted to users having the Accounts Payable Processor role.


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