Organizations Tab

The Organization tab indicates which organizations at your institution are involved in this project. Multiple organizations can be added but only one can be marked as the 'Primary' organization.

Description: Wor4F8D

Organizations tab definitions:




Chart Of Accounts Code

Required. Enter the code to uniquely identify the Chart of Accounts an organization belongs to, or, search for it from the Chart lookup Description: searchicon.

Organization Code


Required. Enter the code to uniquely identify the campus, department and school associated with this proposal, or search for it from the Organization lookup Description: searchicon.


Display-only. Displays the system-generated name of the organization represented by the organization code.


Select the check box to indicate this is the primary organization sponsoring the award. There can only be one primary organization. Defaults to 'Yes' for new awards.

Click Description: tinybutton-add1 to add the new organization to the document.


Subcontractors Tab