KEMID Transfer Target Tab

KEMID Transfer Target tab

For recurring cash transfers to KEMID(s) (that is, transfers for which Transaction Document Type = ‘ECT)’, this tab contains essential information about the KEMID(s) to which the recurring transfer is to be made.

Warning! For a cash transfer to a GL account, do not enter information into this tab. Instead, enter information into the GL Transfer Target tab.

KEMID Transfer Target tab definitions:



Target Sequence Number

Display only. The order in which the transaction for this KEMID will be processed. This number is sequential and is automatically assigned by the system.

Target Kemid

Required for ECT transactions. The KEMID to which money is to be transferred. Enter an existing valid KEMID or use the lookup Description: _searchicon.gif to find it. The KEMID must not be closed.

Target Etran Code

Required for ECT transactions. Identifies the type of processing required on the ‘To’ side of this recurring transaction. Enter an existing Etran code or use the lookup Description: _searchicon.gif to find it.

The Etran code you specify must have an Etran Type Code equal to ‘I’ (Income) or ‘E’ (Expense). The Etran code must also have an appropriately identified General Ledger object code record that matches the chart for the KEMID-associated general ledger account.

Target Line Description

A description of this recurring transfer for the ‘To’ side of this recurring transaction.

Target Income or Principal

Required for ECT transactions. Determines whether the cash is transferred to this KEMID’s income or principal.

Target Amount

The amount of cash to be transferred to this KEMID.

Note: If you enter an amount in this field, you cannot enter information in the Target Percent or Use Etran Code field for the record.

Target Percent

The percentage of the overall amount of cash to be transferred to this KEMID.

Note: The total percent of all target KEMID records cannot exceed 100%.

Note: If you enter both a target percent and a Use Etran Code value, the total for all records with the specified Etran code cannot exceed 100%.

Note: If you enter a percent here, no entry is permitted in the Target Amount field.

Target Use Etran Code

The Etran code (if any) associated with the desired transaction processing.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this KEMID transfer target is active or not. Select the check box if this target is active in the system. Clear the check box if it is inactive.

At least one KEMID record must be active for the recurring ECT to be active.

Click the Description: tinybutton-add1 button to add a new record for this target KEMID.


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