Items Tab

Items tab definitions:





The quantity of each item that is being credited.

Item Code

References original invoice item number for which the credit is being issued.


An acronym for 'unit of measure,' this field displays an abbreviation for each type of measurement.


A brief textual description that serves to summarize the item's purpose.

Unit Price

The dollar amount of one unit of the item that is being invoiced.


The total item amount that is being credited for each item. If sales tax calculation is enabled, this amount is pre-tax.

Tax Amount

The sales tax amount for each item that is being credited.

Total Amount

The total line amount that is being credited for each line. Must adhere to the following rule: (Credited Quantity * Unit Price) + Tax Effect = Credited Amount

Open Invoice Quantity

The number of units of this particular item that remain unpaid

Open Invoice Amount

The total price amount of the open invoice item(s) at this quantity that remains unpaid.


Click the button to obtain a total for your new values. Click the  button to clear data and start again.

Credit Memo Total

Displays line item totals for Amount, Tax Amount, and Total Amount.


Process Overview