General Information Tab

General Information tab definitions:



Customer Number

Display only. A unique number assigned to identify each vendor/organization as a customer.

Customer Name

Required. The textual name that commonly references or represents the customer organization.

Customer Type

Required. The grouping for the desired type of customer (Individual, private business, etc.). Existing customer types may be retrieved from the list or from the lookup Description: searchicon.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this customer code is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate this customer code. After inactive, a customer may not have any further invoices issued to them; however, payments will continue to be accepted.

Customer Record Add Date

Display only. The date this Customer record was added to the data base.

Last Activity Date

Display only. The most recent date on which any part of the Customer record was changed.

Last Address Change Date

Display only. The date this customer's address was last changed.


Corporate Information Tab