Feeding Base Budgets from BC to GL

The BC GL load process (delivered with KFS) is run in batch after the budget is determined to be complete and has been verified using the various BC organization reports. The baseline budget is fed to GL with a document type of BC and balance types of BB (base budget) and CB (current budget). Balance type MB rows are also created if there are any monthly budgets in Budget Construction.

Note: BC GL Load Process: This job is not on the schedule menu because it is run only once a year. You need to request your system support staff to execute this job on the server. After the base budgets are loaded into KFS, you may view the base budget transactions from the General Ledger Pending Entry balance inquiry until the next run of the GL 'poster'. After the GL 'poster' is run, the transactions are in GL Entry (which also has an inquiry screen) and are posted to GL Balance.


Budget Construction Tasks