Edit Sub-Account Code Tab

If you are not establishing a Cost Share sub-account or using the Financial Reporting Code, the Edit Sub-Account Code and the Document Overview tabs are the only required tabs on the document.

Description: WorDAAD

Edit Sub-Account Code tab definitions:



Chart Code

Required. Enter the chart code associated with the account associated with the sub-account, or search for it from the UserID lookup Description: searchicon.

Account Number

Required. Enter the account number on which you want to create the sub-account or search for it from the Account lookup Description: searchicon. If you want to use the same sub-account code on several accounts, you need to process an additional document for each additional account on which you want to use that sub-account.

Sub-Account Number

Required. Enter the code to define the sub-account. This is the code to be entered in the sub-account field of the Accounting Lines tab of financial documents.

Sub-Account Name

Required. Enter the long descriptive name. This name appears on the Accounting Lines tab in financial documents as well as in searches and reports.

Active Indicator


Optional. Select the check box if the sub-account is active. Clear the check box if it is inactive.

Sub-Account Type Code

Required for the members of the KFS-SYS Contracts & Grants Processor role; otherwise display-only (the field is editable only for the members of the KFS-SYS Contracts & Grants Processor role and the field defaults to 'EX' for others). Select the code to indicate the purpose of the sub-account from the Sub-Account Type list.

Your institution's values may vary, but standard examples would include 'EX' to indicate that this is a sub-account to be used to segregate budget and actuals on an account, or 'CS' to indicate that this is a sub-account that is used to track cost share expenses on a contract or grant account.


Edit Financial Reporting Code Tab