Edit Pre-Asset Tagging Tab

This tab displays the purchasing and asset information that applies to all the assets ordered (when the Quantity Ordered value is greater than 1). This information links the assets to a particular PO.

Description: Wor4C52

Edit Pre-Asset Tagging tab definitions:



Purchase Order Number

Required. Enter the purchase order number for this asset.

Item Line Number

Required. Enter the line number on the PO for this asset.

Quantity Ordered

Required. Specify the number ordered for this asset.

Asset Type Code

Required. Select the code used to classify types of assets grouped by categories or search for this code from the Asset Type lookup Description: searchicon. The asset type groups equipment for reporting purposes. For capital assets, this code also assigns the useful life for depreciation purposes.

Manufacturer Name


Required for capital assets; optional for non-capital assets. Enter the name of the person or company that manufactured the asset.

Manufacturer Model Number

Optional. Enter the number assigned by the manufacturer to this model of asset.

Vendor Name

Required for capital assets; optional for non-capital assets. Enter the name of the company or person who sold the asset to the institution and to whom the first payment was made.

Organization Owner Chart Of Accounts Code

Required. Select the chart code for the owner account that is responsible for the asset or search for this code from the Chart lookup Description: searchicon.

Organization Owner Organization Code

Required. Enter the organization responsible for the asset or search for this code from the Organization lookup Description: searchicon.

Organization Inventory Name


Optional. Enter a common name for inventory purposes. This name is used to sort assets within an organization to assist with physical inventories.

Note: In addition to pulling equipment descriptions from purchase orders, CAM allows organizations to include common names. For example, 'GMC FABRICATED ABC1234 WIDE BODY DUMP' could have an organizational inventory name of 'Recycling Truck.'

Asset Representative Principal Name

Optional. Enter a user ID for grouping and sorting assets by a user's name on reports. You may search for this ID from the Person lookup Description: searchicon.

Asset Representative Name

Optional. Enter the actual name represented by the asset representative's user ID.

Organization Text


Optional. This is a free-form text area for use by your organization.

Purchase Order Line Item Description

Required. Enter a detailed description of the specified line item of the purchase order.

Pretag Create Date

Optional. Enter the date the pre-tagged asset was added to the asset database. The default date is the current date. You may select the date from the calendar Description: _cal.

Active Indicator


Optional. Select the check box if the pre-asset tagging is active. Clear the check box to deactivate the pre-asset tagging.


Edit List of Pre-Asset Tagging Details Tab