Edit Organization Invoice Information Tab

Description: WorA80D

Edit Organization Invoice Information tab definitions:



Organization Postal Code

The postal code representing the location of the billing organization. Existing postal codes may be retrieved from the lookup Description: searchicon. This location is used for the sales tax calculation on orders picked up by the customer.

Remit To

May be display only, depending upon system configuration. This is the name accounts receivable customers are instructed to make their checks payable to when receiving a printed customer invoice or billing statement.

Payment Terms Text

The text description of the default payment terms for the invoices to be created by this billing organization. This information will be displayed on the printed invoice.

Message Text

A message text description to appear on all printed invoices created by this billing organization.

Print Options

The available print options that will determine printing on all invoices for this billing organization. Existing options may be retrieved from the list.


Edit Organization Remit To Address Tab