Editing the To Section

      Make changes to the editable Chart of Accounts fields and the Amt field.

      Click Description: tinybutton-delete1 to delete the row.

      To delete all lines, click the Description: tinybutton-deleteall button located above the Actions column.

      Click Description: tinybutton-balinquiry to open a separate window for balance inquiry menu.

Warning: An amount may not be transferred if it exceeds the Labor Ledger balance total for the fiscal year, pay period, chart, account, sub-account, object, and sub-object displayed in the From section. To determine the maximum amount you may transfer, use the Labor Ledger View Balance Inquiry and select the A21 option.

After submission or upon save, KFS calculates the appropriate fringe benefits for the salary amounts being adjusted. These amounts will be moved along with the salary. These amounts are calculated for the types of benefits defined for the salary object codes on the document on the Labor Object Code Benefits table. The rates for each benefit type are defined in the Labor Benefits Calculation table.


Process Overview