Edit Document Types tab

This tab allows the user to define the document type(s) to which security is to be applied for this security definition.

The display above shows the tab in create mode. In edit mode, the tab presents a display-only set of fields on the left, editable fields on the right in which the user may enter changes, and a delete button at the bottom.

Edit Document Types tab definitions:



Document Type Name

From the list, select the type of document to which the security definition is to be applied.

Note: See information below regarding other selections that restrict access to more than one type of e-doc.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether the specified document type is active or inactive as a security criterion. Remove the check mark to deactivate the specified type.


Click the add button to add the document type to this definition.


Click the delete button to remove the document type from this definition

As indicated in the table below, a few options in the Document Type Name list apply security to multiple types of e-docs.

Document Type Name selections that pertain to multiple types of e-docs:

Document Type Name

Types of E-Docs Affected


All types of e-docs in the list


Vendor Credit Memo (CM)

Payment Request (PREQ)


Advance Deposit (AD)

Auxiliary Voucher (AV)

Budget Adjustment (BA)

Cash Receipt (CR)

Credit Card Receipt (CCR)

Disbursement Voucher (DV)

Distribution of Income and Expense (DI)

General Error Correction (GEC)

Indirect Cost Adjustment (ICA)

Internal Billing (IB)

Journal Voucher (JV)

Non-Check Disbursement (ND)

Pre-Encumbrance (PE)

Procurement Card (PCDO)

Service Billing (SB)

Transfer of Funds (TF)


Budget Adjustment (YEBA)

Distribution of Income/Expense (YEDI)

General Error Correction (YEGEC)

Transfer of Funds (YETF)


Benefit Expense Transfer (BT)

Labor Journal Voucher (LLJV)

Salary Expense Transfer (ST)

Year End Benefits Expense Transfer (YEBT)

Year-End Salary Expense Transfer (YEST)