Document Overview Tab

The Document Overview tab identifies the document and includes fours fieldsóDescription, Explanation, Total Amount, and Org. Doc #.

Description: Wor9BE1

The Description field is a required field on every e-doc because it is used to identify the financial transaction and is included in the GL inquiry, standard reports, action list, and document search.

The Explanation and Org Doc# fields allow you to include additional information about the document. The Total Amount field is updated when the document is submitted successfully.

Description: Wor158C

Document Overview tab definitions




Required. Enter the short description for the document. The description appears in the GLGL Inquiry, standard reports, action list and document search a primary identification of the document.


Optional. Enter a more detailed explanation than the information supplied in the description field.

Total Amount

Display-only. Displays the total amount of accounting lines when the document is submitted successfully.

Org Doc #

Optional. Enter the value that may include departmental or organizational information. This number is not the same as the Document Number assigned by the KFS.

Note: Other data fields may be available in the document overview of specific documents.


Accounting Lines Tab