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Description: Wor64C8

The Financial Reporting Code document includes the Edit Financial Reporting Code tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Financial Reporting Code tab definitions:



Chart Code

The chart code for the organization that owns the financial reporting code

Organization Code

The organization code that owns the financial reporting code

Financial Reporting Code

A unique financial reporting code that may be used as an attribute of sub-account for reporting

Financial Reporting Code Description

Required. A descriptive label of this financial reporting code

Financial Reporting Code Manager Principal Name

Required. The name of the employee responsible for the activity represented by the financial reporting code. Existing manager principal names may be retrieved from the lookup Description: searchicon.

Financial Reporting Code Manager Name

Name of financial reporting code manager associated with selection in required field above.

Financial Reports To Reporting Code

Required. The financial reporting code is the code that is used to roll up financial values of a chart for reporting purposes. Existing reporting codes may be retrieved from the lookupDescription: searchicon.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this financial reporting code is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate a financial reporting code.


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