Document Layout

Description: WorEA8

The Sub-Contractor document includes the Edit Subcontractor tab. The system automatically enters data into both the Old and New sections in this tab. Selected data fields are available for editing.

Edit Subcontractor tab definitions:




Subcontractor Number

Display-only. The system automatically generates a number that identifies a specific subcontractor when the create new button is selected from the search screen.

Subcontractor Name

Required. The official name of the subcontractor.

Address Line 1

Required. The mailing address of the subcontractor or the unit within the subcontractor that manages Contracts and Grants.

Address Line 2

Optional. The second mailing address line of the subcontractor. 

Subcontractor City

Required. The city where the subcontractor is located. 

State Code

Required. The state code which identifies the state where the subcontractor is located. Existing state codes may be retrieved from the lookup Description: searchicon.

Postal Code


Required. The postal code associated with the subcontractor's address.

Country Code

Required. The country where the subcontractor is located. Existing country codes may be retrieved from the lookup Description: searchicon.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this subcontractor number is active or inactive. Remove the check mark to deactivate.

Note on Auto Generation of Subcontractor Number: If a subcontractor number is generated but the document is cancelled, the number is void and is not reassigned. For example, if a user selects the new subcontractor button and the system generates number 927 but the user cancels the document prior to approval the next available number for any user is 928.

Note for Unused Agency Number: If an agency number is not used or established in the table, the system still generates the next consecutive number. For example, even though agency number 927 was not used, if the user manually enters 927 so as to not 'waste' the number, the system still auto-generates the next consecutive value, which is 928.



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