Document Header

Basic information in the document: header




Document Number (Document Nbr)

The unique number used to identify each document. The KFS assigns a sequential number to each document when it is created, regardless of the type of document.



A code that identifies the status of a document within the Workflow process.



The user ID of the document initiator.


The time and date the document was created.

Note: For information about status definitions, see Route Status.

Optional information in the document header:



Copied from Document ID

The KFS allows users to create new financial documents based on previous transactions by way of a copy function. When one document is copied from another, the document number of the copied document appears here.

Correct Document ID

The KFS gives you the option of reversing a fully approved financial transaction through the use of an error correction function. When one document is a correction of another, the document number of the document being corrected appears here. This information is displayed only when the document was created using the error correction feature in an existing document.


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