Customer Invoice Writeoff Search Results

Customer Invoice Writeoff search results definition




Customer Number

A unique number assigned to identify each vendor/organization as a customer.

Customer Name

The name of the customer organization.

Collection Status

Not used at this time.

Note: In release 4.0 no collection statuses are defined. Later releases will allow for flags indicating whether an account is in bankruptcy or collections.

Customer Total

The total outstanding amount due


Check the appropriate box for each invoice to be written off.

Document Number


The number of the invoice.


The number of days that the invoice is past due.

Billing Date

The date the invoice was created (mm/dd/yyyy format).

Invoice Total Amount

The total amount billed to the original invoice.

Open Amount

The dollar amount outstanding on the invoice.

Select invoices by clicking one or more boxes in the Write off column and then click  or .

The system retrieves the specified invoices and displays them in the Customer Invoice Writeoff Summary screen.


Customer Invoice Writeoff Summary