Capital Edit Tab

The Capital Edit tab is included only in Cash Receipt, Distribution of Income and Expense, General Error Correction, Internal Billing, Procurement Card, and Service Billing financial transaction documents.

This tab allows users to add a new asset or update information about an existing asset to which this transaction applies. Information is required in this tab when the Accounting Lines tab contains an object code belonging to one of the following object type codes:

      AM: Art & museum objects

      CF: Capital movable equipment - federally funded

      CM: Capital equipment - university funded

      CO: Capital equipment - federally or other owned

      C1: Capital lease equipment - above threshold

      C2: Capital lease equipment - below threshold

      UC: Movable fabrication - university funded

      UF: University constructed - federal funded

      UO: Movable fabrication - federally owned

Note that these object type codes are defaults, and your institution's values may vary (as defined in the parameter KFS-CAB FINANCIAL_PROCESSING_CAPITAL_OBJECT_SUB_TYPES).

 Use of this tab varies based on the business rules for each type of financial transaction.

Note: For more information about using this tab, see the documentation on the specific type of transaction you are performing.

The Capital Edit tab includes two sections—Retrieve Asset to be Updated and Create New Assets. Both sections are displayed regardless of the type of transaction, but for some types of transactions only one section or the other is appropriate.


Retrieve Asset To Be Updated Section

Create New Assets Section