Capital Asset Management (CAM)

The KFS Capital Asset Management (CAM) module allows you to track assets purchased through your institution's financial system, assets received as gifts, and assets that have been transferred or even found. This module handles records for a wide variety of both capital and non-capital assets—art and museum objects, buildings, bonds, infrastructure, land, land improvements, leasehold improvements, library books, movable equipment, etc.

CAM e-docs allow you to create, maintain, and retire asset records. Additionally, the system can create asset records from data collected on financial transaction documents in other modules. The system also provides several documents to assist your organization with inventory management and other aspects of managing assets.

Asset records may be initiated in two ways: through data collected on specific financial transaction documents and through entry on Capital Asset Management documents accessible from the Lookup and Maintenance submenu on the Main Menu tab.

WArning: Records for movable capital assets are created using the Capital Asset Builder.



CAM Depreciation Process

Accessing CAM Functions

CAM Administrative Transaction E-Docs

Asset Maintenance Custom Document Search

CAM Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs

CAM Attribute Maintenance E-Docs