Capital Asset Builder (CAB)

In the KFS, the Capital Asset Builder (CAB) is the asset creation module for tracking movable capital additions. This module collects information from both the General Ledger and the Purchasing module in order to create assets, add payments to them, and apply credits as well.

Capital Asset-related AP and G/L transactions are created for the Capital Asset Builder as a result of a number of nightly batch jobs. These nightly batch jobs (including cabExtractJob) identify AP and G/L transactions that will be used to create CAB documents. The batch jobs look for particular object code levels that have been posted to the ledger. These batch jobs also create plant fund General Ledger entries for specific organizational units that are used to track the value of the assets and their corresponding depreciation process.

Note: The Capital Asset Module (CAM) allows purchase line items to be separated and/or combined to create assets. Currently, only moveable asset transactions are processed in CAB.


Accessing CAB Functions

CAB Administrative Transaction E-Docs

CAB Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs