Business Rules

Note: For information about business rules that apply to all endowment transaction e-docs, see Standard Business Rules.

In addition to the standard business rules for endowment transactions, the following business rules apply to cash decrease transactions:

      When you initiate this e-doc, the system sets the Transaction Sub Type to ‘C’ (Cash). You cannot change this value.

      When you access the document, the Security Details tab is closed because input of a security ID is optional.

      If you specify a security, only one security may be entered and it will apply to all transaction lines. Any security information you enter is for reference only; it does not generate an entry to the Holding Tax Lot table.

      The Etran code entered must be valid for the KEMID specified on the transaction line.

      If a transaction line’s Etran code affects corpus, the system updates the KEMID’s corpus value accordingly.

      If the KEMID specified has a permanent restriction code and if the transaction line is for principal, the system displays a warning message in the transaction line indicating that the transaction will reduce the value of the endowment when the transaction line is added.

      When you add a transaction line, the system checks to see whether the KEMID has sufficient funds for the transaction. If it does not, the system generates a warning message for the transaction line indicating that there are insufficient funds and the transaction will create a negative balance for the KEMID. Note that:

For an income transaction, the system verifies against available total cash.

For a principal transaction, the system verifies against available principal cash.