Bulk Receiving Initiation Tab

 When you select Bulk Receiving from the Main Menu tab, the system displays the initiation screen with its single tab—Bulk Receiving Initiation.

Description: Wor80B

Bulk Receiving Initiation tab definitions:



PO #

The PO number (if any) associated with these goods

Date Received

Required. The date the goods were received. Enter the date or select it from the calendar Description: cal.

Packing Slip #

The number on the packing slip for this shipment

Bill of Lading #

The bill of lading number for this shipment       

Carrier  The carrier for these goods

Note: Your institution may change attributes in the data dictionary to indicate whether Packing Slip #, Bill of Lading #, and/or Carrier are required.

 To initiate a Bulk Receiving transaction, follow these steps:

1.     Enter data as appropriate for this delivery.

2.     Click the continue button.

The system displays the main screen with the other tabs in the Bulk Receiving document.


Bulk Receiving E-Doc Main Screen