Bill To Address Section

Bill to Address section definitions:

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Bill To Address Identifier

Required. Use the lookup Description: _searchicon and refresh tools as necessary to locate and specify the unique identifier for a particular organization address. This selection automatically populates the Bill To Address fields with the information saved in the record, as does selection of the Customer Number in the General tab. The default value is the primary address for the customer, but any valid address on the Customer record may be selected.

Address Type

Displays the type of address ('P' for Primary or 'A' for Alternate).

Address Name

The name of the organization.

Address 1

The first line of the mailing address displaying primary required address information (typically a P.O. box number or street number and street name).

Address 2

The second line of the mailing address; that is, secondary identifying information such as a suite number or ATTN name).

Email Address

The electronic mail address (typically an individual or organization name and a domain name suffix separated by the at '@' symbol).


The name of the city.



The two-letter abbreviation for the U.S. state.

Postal Code


Also known as the zip code, this is typically a 5-digit number that represents a geographic region within a state.

International Province

For use with addresses outside the United States (for example, Canada) where the areas of the country that are divided into geographic regions are referred to as provinces.

International Postal Code

For use with addresses outside the United States where the geographic regions within provinces are associated with specific postal codes, similar to zip codes in the U.S.


The common abbreviation of the name of the country


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