Bank Codes on the Payments

When payments are formatted, the PDP attempts to use the bank code specified on the payment unless it is deemed to be inappropriate for this specific disbursement.

An example of an inappropriate bank code might be when an ACH bank was specified on the payment but the PDP determines that the disbursement will be made via check because the payment has been flagged as an immediate print, requiring an attachment, or requiring special handling. In these cases, the PDP must generate a check. Another example is when an ACH bank was specified but there is no payee ACH Account record for the payee.

In the event that an ACH bank code is used but the PDP has no ACH information for the payee, the system uses the default CHK bank code instead. However, if the PDP contains ACH information for that payee, the system still disburses a payment with a CHK bank code.

For payments for which no bank code is supplied, the PDP will use the bank code associated with the appropriate disbursement type (ACH or check) on the Customer Profile.

Bank code is also considered when the PDP attempts to combine payments. Only payments being disbursed from the same bank are eligible to be combined.


Valid Banks in the Maintenance Setup