Asset Global (Add)

The Asset Global (Add) menu selection allows you to create assets in the asset database that are not purchased through the financial system (for example, gifts, transfers-in, found, and non-capital assets) and to create non-movable assets that are not processed in the CAB. To add these assets, you use the Asset Global document.

The Asset Global document also allows you to separate an asset into multiple assets. In this case, you reach the screen by clicking the separate link after searching for the asset on the Asset Lookup or Asset Payment Lookup screen.

Note: For information about separating assets, see Separate Assets.

Any user that has access to the KFS can initiate an Asset Global document. The type of addition the user is permitted to create depends on the department he/she works for. A user without authorized access can create non-capital assets and capital gifts, transfer-ins, found, and state excess assets. The acquisition type of new assets is restricted to users assigned to the following roles. KFS-SYS Asset Processor, KFS-SYS Asset Manager, and KFS-SYS Plant Fund Accountant.

The Asset Global document is used in the following circumstances:


Asset Acquisition Type Lookup

Document Layout

Process Overview