Adding an Effort Distribution to the Effort Summary or Effort Detail Section

To add a new effort distribution line to the Effort Summary or Effort Detail sections, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the chart of the account you want to add or use the Chart lookup Description: _searchicon.

  2. Enter the account number you want to distribute effort to or find it by using the Account lookup Description: _searchicon.

  3. If this effort distribution is to reflect cost share, enter the cost share sub-account here or use the CS Sub-Acct lookup Description: _searchicon. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

  4. Enter the percentage of effort that should be distributed to this account as an integer (no decimal).

  5. Click Description: tinybutton-add1 to add the distribution line.

    KFS determines whether the account is federal or federal pass through and adds it to the appropriate section. KFS also calculates the appropriate salary amount and updates the totals.

    Note: If adding the line to the Effort Details section, the system also displays the object code and position number and calculated fringe benefit amount.

  6. If needed, adjust the object code now that the new line has been added.

    Note: Remember that the object code may be modified only if multiple object codes already appear on existing lines.

  7. If needed, adjust the position number on the newly added line.

    Note: Remember that position number may be modified only if multiple position numbers already appear on existing lines.

  8. In the Notes and Attachments tab, type a note explaining the change.

  9. Click the Description: tinybutton-add1 button.


Modifying an Existing Effort Distribution line in the Effort Summary Section