Accounts Tab

The Accounts tab must be completed to reference at least one IU KFS account number houses the funds for this award. Multiple accounts may be associated with one award.

Description: WorCF

Accounts tab definition




Chart of Accounts Code

Required. Enter the code for the chart that should be associated with the account that houses award fund, or search for it from the Chart lookup Description: searchicon.

Account Number

Required. Enter the account number that is receiving the award funds, or search for it from the Account lookup Description: searchicon.

Account Name

Display-only. After an account is selected the name of the account automatically populates this box.

Project Director User ID

Required. Enter the user ID of the project director responsible for this account, or search for it from the User lookup Description: searchicon. If multiple project directors are involved in the award, each may have a separate account that represents their portion of the project.

Director Name

Display-only. Displays the system-generated first and last name of the project director based on the project director user ID.

Click Description: tinybutton-add1 to add the account to the document.


Project Directors Tab