Accessing AR Functions

The AR module allows users to create and maintain a variety of receivables-related e-docs, generate reports, and upload data in batch. Some of these functions are accessible from the Main Menu while others are accessible from the Maintenance and Administration menus. The functions are organized on the menus as follows.

Invoices, credit memos, and other documents typically maintained by departmental staff are accessed via the Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab. AR reports are also accessible via this menu tab: they are listed in the Reports submenu. Additionally, to facilitate research the Main Menu provides a number of AR-specific search options via the Custom Document Searches submenu.

Customer records and AR-related attribute tables typically maintained by central office staff are accessible from the Accounts Receivable submenu on the Maintenance menu tab.

The Customer Upload function, the use of which is usually restricted to system administrators, is available from the Administration menu tab. This function allows authorized users to upload customer information from an external system.


Standard AR E-Docs