Form W-9 - Vendor Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Request Form W-9 from Vendors

Substitute Form_W9
dated 9/2014

• Instructions

This form should be requested from the payee when Indiana University makes a payment to an individual or other entity for goods or services provided. The purpose of the W-9 is for the payee to certify their name, tax ID and that they are a US person.  We are required to collect this information in the event that an information return is filed related to payments made; however, a request for a W-9 does not indicate the payment is reportable income for tax purposes. Substitute W-9 dated 9/2014 only accepted for new vendor submissions.  

If the vendor is not a US person/company for tax purposes please collect a W8.


If you need verification of IU's FEIN please visit Indiana University W-9 for Customers.