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November 29, 2016
Note: In an effort to reduce the risks of cyberattacks to the Indiana University community, FMS is will not include URLs or hyperlinks in mass emails to reduce the possibility that our messages will appear to be phishing scams.

Instead, we have provided clear instructions on how to access the necessary information found in this newsletter. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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FMS News
2017 Income Tax Treaty Benefits for IU Employees
Nonresident alien (international) employees at IU may be eligible for 2017 income tax treaty benefits.

Employees must complete a 2017 Form 8233 to request 2017 income tax treaty benefits. Employees who recently completed a 2016 Form 8233 must still complete the 2017 Form 8233 to extend their treaty benefits to 2017. To ensure that benefits appear on the first 2017 paycheck, the 2017 Form 8233 must be signed and returned to either of the following by December 12:
  • University Tax Services, Poplars 527
  • IUPUI Payroll, LV1173
University Tax Services will contact all current international employees who were eligible for 2016 income tax treaty benefits to see if they would like to extend their benefits to their 2017 earnings. They can expect to receive a notice from FNIS on November 15 or 16.

Any questions regarding income tax treaty benefits may be directed to University Tax Services at taxpayer @ iu . edu.
Save the Date for Spring 2017 Foundations in University Finance
Foundations in University Finance (FiUF) is a training program designed for all employees with accounting and finance responsibilities. It serves as an orientation to key functional areas within the University Controller’s Office, including Financial Management Services and the University Budget Office. The program focuses on how FMS and the Budget Office serve FiUF participants and their departments, as well as how one department’s transactional decisions impact the overall financial health of Indiana University.

The fall 2016 FiUF conference, held at IU Kokomo, was a great success. We thank the attendees for their participation and attention. The FiUF Advisory Committee is happy to announce that the spring 2017 session will take place at IUPUI on April 26-27. Registration will be announced via this listserv (fmsnews-l) in the spring.
Accounts Payable Best Practices
Indiana University’s Financial Management Services Accounts Payable Operations department staff would like to remind users about ways they can facilitate the delivery of timely and accurate payments to vendors. Here are the top four action steps that will help facilitate quick, accurate payment processing.
  1. Always place the PO (Purchase Order) number in a conspicuous place on the invoice.
  2. For POs, always create a unique invoice number that is easy to discern. Do not repeat the same invoice number on future invoices.
  3. Submit only one PO invoice. Duplicate invoices do not hasten payment. If you submitted an invoice to IU and are curious to its progress, please look up the status of your payment on AP’s “Status of Payments” page (fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable / status-payments). Alternatively, you may check on AP’s current status on invoice processing based on submission date at the top of the AP website (fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable).
  4. When creating a DV (Disbursement Voucher) vendor record for a vendor with a W-8, the document initiator should write the PVEN document number on the W-8 in a conspicuous place that will not be covered by the fax header information in the top margin.
Thank you in advance for taking these steps to help Accounts Payable issue timely and accurate payments. Timely and accurate payments are essential to maintaining Indiana University’s daily operations.

If you have feedback, questions, or invoices to submit, you may do so using the appropriate email address:
  • Send first-time submission of invoices to invoice @ indiana . edu.
  • Send invoice questions to FMSAPHLP @ indiana . edu.
  • Send DV and DV vendor questions to FMSDVHLP @ indiana . edu.
Kuali Enterprise Dashboard Update
A new, integrated Kuali Financial System (KFS) and Kuali Coeus (KC) landing page called the Kuali Enterprise Dashboard (KED) debuted on November 1, 2016. While you can still access KFS and KC through their previous portals, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the KED now, as the previous portals will be retired on or around December 31, 2016.

If questions arise during your transition to the KED, we recommend that you review the KED FAQs by visiting go . iu . edu / kedfaqs.

The KFS and KC documents with which you are familiar have not changed; the only change is how you access the documents in the KED. You can access documents in your queue through the Action List or pull them up via the Doc Search by using links at the upper right corner of the KED homepage. You can also search activities by keyword, filter activities by type, and browse activities by category using the links on the left side of the KED homepage.

We would appreciate your feedback about the KED, and we welcome your suggestions about improving the KED. Please provide the KED implementation team with your thoughts regarding the dashboard by clicking on the “feedback” link on the KED homepage or emailing us directly at kedfdbk @ iu . edu.
Should I resend an invoice if there is not yet a payment request (PREQ) document created?
No. Please do not submit duplicate invoices to Accounts Payable. Duplicate invoice submissions slow down payment processing for all vendors.

If there is neither a payment request (PREQ) document created for the invoice nor a note on the purchase order requesting assistance to resolve an invoicing situation, check the date published on the Accounts Payable webpage (fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable) to see what received date AP has completed.

DO NOT contact the AP team (fmsaphlp @ indiana . edu ) if the AP website indicates that AP staff have not yet processed invoices from your received date.

Contact the AP Team (fmsaphlp @ indiana . edu) if your PO’s invoice reached AP prior to the published processing date and there is not a record in KFS corresponding to the invoice. A corresponding record could be a PREQ document or a note on the PO documenting the invoice’s receipt.

When emailing the AP Team (fmsaphlp @ indiana . edu), include the following detail:
  • The sender information (the “from” email address),
  • The date the invoice was sent,
  • The PO number,
  • The filename, and
  • A statement similar to “Please advise me if there are conditions of delayed payment for the invoice sent to invoice @ indiana . edu that I can assist to resolve.”
Note that vendors can look up their disbursements on AP’s “Status of Payments” page (fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable / status-payments). The Status of Payments lookups provides payment processing detail for the most recent 12 months. The data is updated each business night.
Factors that Delay Payment Processing
In Accounts Payable (AP), we strive to make payments to vendors quickly and accurately. We depend on our purchasers to make this goal achievable. Here are some examples of situations that slow the process down:
  1. Vendor doesn’t know where to send the invoice. When a vendor asks where the invoice should be sent, please ask them to send the invoice as a PDF attachment to invoice @ indiana . edu. We cannot pay an invoice we have not received.
  2. No Purchase Order (PO) number or closed PO numbers listed on the invoice. AP processes invoice by PO number. If the invoice does not have the PO number listed or it lists a PO number that is closed, the invoice is rejected while AP staff conduct additional research. Until the research is complete, the payment cannot be processed.
  3. Insufficient funds. If the PO does not have enough funds on it to pay the invoice, AP rejects the invoice until funds are added to the PO. AP staff will reach out to the initiating department to ask them to contact Purchasing to have funds added to the PO. This amendment must be done by Purchasing. AP cannot amend POs. As part of the amendment request, the initiating department should ask Purchasing to notify AP when the amendment is complete so AP staff know to process payment.
  4. PO doesn’t match invoice. Setting up your PO to match your invoice is critical to speedy processing. When the invoice doesn’t match the PO, it takes AP staff time to research what needs to happen with the payment. To make sure your invoice and PO match, follow these guidelines:
    1. Use quantities when they make sense.
    2. Use no quantity, or null quantity, on the requisition when it makes sense. A recurring PO that is funded for the year and will have multiple varied amount invoices must be open for dollars only and null quantity.
    3. Use item numbers that can matched to the invoice when possible.
  5. Duplicate submissions. Resubmitting an invoice that has already been submitted creates unnecessary administrative labor for AP staff. Please refer to the top of the IU Accounts Payable webpage to view AP’s current status on invoice processing based on submission date (fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable). You can also look up the status of your PO or DV payment at fms . iu. edu / accounts-payable / status-payments.
New Training & Documentation Specialist
FMS is pleased to welcome Sarah Leonard as our new Training & Documentation Specialist. Most recently, Sarah worked for FMS as our Administrative Secretary, where she had the opportunity to learn about many of IU’s financial systems and processes. Prior to that, Sarah has worked as an epTransportation Operations Manager at EmployBridge and a Shift Supervisor at Stone Research Services. She brings with her over seven years of experience in employee training, payroll, and data management. We’re excited to welcome Sarah to the FMS training team!
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Fri, Dec 9, 2016
Disbursement Voucher Basics
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Tues, Dec 13, 2016
IUIE Financial Reports
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