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February 20, 2018
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Reminder: Critical Data in KFS Training
Congratulations to the 2,673 KFS users who have completed the Critical Data in KFS training since the training went live on December 4!

The remaining 1,117 KFS users who have not yet completed the training must do so prior to Monday, March 5. All KFS users who have not completed the Critical Data in KFS training by Monday, March 5 will have their KFS access revoked.

Additionally, all new KFS users must complete the Critical Data in KFS training before their KFS access can be granted.

FAQs and information about how to enroll in the training are available at the following website: https : // fms . iu . edu / training / kfsiuie - training / critical - data - kfs (remove spaces).
Moving Expense Policy Change
The Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (VPCFO) is reviewing and updating the IU Moving Expense Policy [FIN-ACC-310] due to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Under the Act, moving expenses are considered taxable income to employees as of January 1, 2018. This is a change to the previous policy in which qualified moving expenses paid for by IU were considered non-taxable to the employee and could be claimed as a moving tax deduction on the employee’s personal return.

VPCFO is in the process of creating new guidance regarding moving expenses. In the meantime, all employee moving expenses must be covered via supplemental pay through Payroll. To ensure that these expenses are taxed appropriately, please use the MVS earn code. Employees can no longer be reimbursed for moving expenses via the Disbursement Voucher document.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out directly to University Tax Services (UTS) at taxpayer @ iu . edu.
2018 Tax Update
The IRS is revising Form W-4 for 2018 to reflect the changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These changes include: the repeal of dependent exemptions, changes in available itemized deductions, increases in the child tax credit, and the introduction of the new dependent credit. Additionally, the IRS is modifying its online withholding calculator to help employees determine their appropriate withholdings.

According to the IRS, the new Form W-4 will not be available until sometime after February 15, 2018. The calculator should be available on their website, IRS.gov, by the end of February. Once available, we encourage you to use the modified IRS withholding calculator to check your withholdings and then adjust them by filing a revised 2018 Form W-4, if appropriate.

FMS will notify IU employees once the IRS has released the 2018 Form W-4 and has published the updated withholding calculator.
Training Opportunity: "Think Before You Click"
Old habits are hard to break. But when it comes to IT security, the habit to click first and think later can have severe consequences. Even with IU employing sophisticated system security measures, you are still the best defense against scammers.

Set aside the time to boost your defenses against sophisticated phishing schemes and other digital attacks. Attend the upcoming interactive "Think Before You Click" training session, facilitated by UITS staff from IT Training and hosted by the Financial Management Services training team.

This “Think Before You Click” session will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, from 1:30-3 p.m. in Poplars W183. Register by clicking on the Course Catalog link on the FMS Training website at https: // fms . iu . edu / training (remove spaces). Only 25 seats are available, so register soon!
New Tax Info Sessions
Participants in last year’s University Tax session of University Finance Fundamentals (UFF) expressed a desire for additional information regarding the different areas of tax. We heard you and we are excited to announce a new series of tax information sessions presented by University Tax Services (UTS) staff! Each session can be attended either in person on the Bloomington campus or online via a Zoom meeting room. Online participants will see and hear the same presentation as in-person participants. Below is a list of the sessions that will be offered this summer.

Domestic Tax

This 2 hour and 15 minute interactive session will revolve around the tax implications of payments to US persons. We will discuss the Accountable Plan [Policy FIN-ACC-620] and review the differences between mutual and primary benefit. Facilitators will explain how to determine whether a person should be treated as an employee or an independent contractor, as well as how to pay employees non-cash benefits and for work performed outside of Indiana. Finally, we will cover payments to students – both cash and noncash items – as well as how to determine what is a wage vs what is a scholarship and which IU payment vehicle to use, KFS, HRMS, or SIS.

International Tax

This 2 hour interactive session will focus on tax implications of non-US persons receiving payments from IU. We will discuss the Accountable Plan [Policy FIN-ACC-620] and review the differences between mutual and primary benefit. Facilitators will walk through the determination process for payments made to international vendors or visitors and the required tax withholding. Next, we will discuss the payment of cash and non-cash benefits to non-US persons within and outside of the US. Finally, we will cover payments to International students and employees – both cash and noncash items – as well as how and when tax treaties are applied to taxable earnings and the process that needs to be followed.

To register for a session, visit http : // go . iu . edu / taxtrain (remove spaces). If you have any questions regarding these sessions, contact the FMS Training team at fmstrain @ indiana . edu.
Tax Immigration Document Uploader
University Tax Services (UTS) has changed the method used to collect immigration documents. UTS recently implemented a “Tax Immigration Document Uploader” tool. This tool may be used to securely submit information such as an I-94 departure card or Tax Coversheet to University Tax Services. The uploader can be accessed by visiting http : // go . iu . edu / nra-visit-upload (remove spaces).

Immigration documents are no longer accepted via fax or campus mail. This change aims to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, unknown, unidentified, and/or unreadable tax documentation.

In order to use the uploader, the vendor record must be established in KFS. Remember, W-8 and/or W-9 tax forms should never be submitted to UTS. Be sure to follow the appropriate procedures related to updating and establishing vendor records in KFS. Please contact the Purchasing Vendor Workgroup, for PO vendors, or the Accounts Payable Vendor Workgroup, for DV vendors, with questions regarding vendor setup and maintenance.

Please contact taxpayer @ iu . edu with any questions regarding the Immigration Document Uploader.
Monroe County Sales Tax
Starting February 1st, 2018, Monroe County requires an additional 1% tax on prepared food and beverage. This additional sales tax does not apply to students. Students will continue to be exempt from any sales tax. If the person purchasing the prepared food or beverage is not a student, they are subject to the new additional tax.

Prepared food and beverage is defined as the following:
  • Food sold in a heated state or that is heated by the seller.
  • When two or more ingredients are combined by the seller for the sale of a single item, such as a sandwich.
  • Food sold with eating utensils provided by the seller. This includes plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, cups, napkins, or straws. A container or package used to transport the food is not considered a plate.
    • For example: A fountain drink would be subject to the 1% tax because it is sold with eating utensils provided by the merchant (cup & straw). A can of coke would not be subject to the 1% tax because it is in a “package” that is used to “transport” the drink.
There are several exceptions to the new additional sales tax. These include:
  • Food that has only been cut or repackaged by the seller, such as deli meat sliced at the counter for a customer.
  • Any food that requires cooking by the consumer, such as a frozen pizza.
  • Transactions that are exempt from sales tax already, such as student purchases of food on campus.
University Tax Services is creating instructions for how this sales tax will be remitted in KFS. These instructions will be available soon and will be communicated as soon as they are available.

Please contact University Tax Services at taxpayer @ iu . edu with any questions.
Avoid Late Payments by Keeping Your PO Funded
A frequent cause for late payments are recurring purchase orders (POs) with insufficient funds. Now is an opportune time to review recurring POs to ensure there is enough funding to cover anticipated purchases as it is half way through the fiscal year.

Accounts Payable (AP) adds a note in KFS to POs that lack the funds required to pay outstanding invoices. The note from AP will include details regarding the invoice(s) which cannot be paid. Notification is sent to the PO initiator via an FYI notification. AP cannot add funds to a PO, only Purchasing can add funds. The department must contact Purchasing and request that the PO be amended and the dollar amount increased. Once the PO amendment is complete, Purchasing will notify AP that the invoice(s) can be processed. FYI notifications are critical in resolving funding issues and ensuring payments are processed.

Below is an example of an FYI notification from AP. You may enlarge the image by clicking on it.

To return a list of documents in your Action List that have an FYI directed at you, open your Action List and follow the steps below. You may enlarge an image by clicking on it.
  1. Click the “filter” button, found in the top right corner of the Action List.
  2. This will open the filter page. Select “FYI” from the Action Requested drop down box.
  3. Click the “filter” button at the bottom of the filter page. KFS will return a list of documents in your Action List that have an FYI directed at you.
Additionally, there are two IUIE reports that can be used to review the status of your Purchase Orders: "Recurring Orders" and "Recurring Orders by Username". These reports may be accessed by using this path in IUIE: Kuali Financial – Departmental Resources – Purchase Order.

The “Recurring Orders” report will return a list of all the POs in your Organization. To return a list of open POs only, enter “OPEN” in the PO Status field. This report shows the original PO amount as well as the amount that has been paid.

The “Recurring Orders by Username” report will return all Open POs that are associated with the individual whose username was used request the PO. This report shows the remaining balance for each PO. If there are POs with a $0 balance and no further billing is expected, please close the PO.

For help with questions regarding these IUIE reports, please contact purhelp @ iu . edu. Questions regarding notes and FYIs in KFS should be directed to the person who logged the note. The Accounts Payable team can help you understand when sending a notification is required. Contact AP at fmsaphlp @ indiana . edu.
How do KFS Notes and Attachments Work?
Every document in KFS has a “Notes and Attachments” tab. This tab is used to add notes or attach files to a KFS document. Notes are used to clarify the details of a document for audit purposes or to request action on a document.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable (AP) compiled a list of best practices to use when communicating via notes. These techniques will help ensure your note is received and action is taken.
  • Address the note to the individual or group who will take action. For example “Charlie, …” or “DV Vendor Approval Team, …”
  • Add CC: to the end of the note when you are sending notification as an FYI. For example, Action is being requested of Charlie, but user John Smith receives an FYI about the action request. The note would end with: CC: J Smith.
  • Use your username as a signature. For example, Charlie Sinex signs his notes using his username, csinex.
  • Send only FYI notifications to AP. Do not send Approval notifications. Accounts Payable is not responsible for approval review in response to document notes. Approval notifications result in delays in approval and validation issues for approval roles.
When requesting action on a document, you must include the individual or group in the notification. This ensures that the recipient(s) will see your request. Recipients are added after the note has been saved to the document.

AP has published additional details about using KFS Notes and Attachments, including screenshots, on their webpage here: http : // go . iu . edu / 1SGN .
Supporting Documentation Tips
Disbursement Voucher (DV) documents will not route until supporting documentation is uploaded and AP attaches it via OnBase. How can I check and make sure I uploaded my supporting paperwork?

You are able to retrieve a list of documents that you have uploaded by using the IUIE report “FMS AP Upload Record”. This report returns upload details for both DV supporting paperwork and procurement card (p-card) statement uploads. You may access the report by following this path in IUIE: Kuali Financial – Payables Backoffice – FMS AP Upload Record.

Run the report by entering your username in the Department User ID field and a date range. This returns a list of uploads you have completed during that time frame. Alternatively, you may also run the report for a specific DV document number when you are researching just one instance.

How can you confirm that AP has completed their part? You may use the Doc Search to search for DVs you have initiated that still need supporting documentation to route.
  1. Open a KFS DV document search.
  2. Select “Advanced” in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Enter the username of the DV initiator in the Initiator field.
  4. Select “Enroute” in the Status field.
  5. Select “ImageAttachment” in the Route Node field.
  6. Do not enter information in the “Created Date From” field.
  7. Enter a date 4 business days previous to today’s date in the “Created Date To” field. This 4-day window allows time for the upload to be entered in OnBase.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Search”.
The image below shows an example of what this search would look like if it was run today, February 20, 2018 for user csinex. This search will return DVs at the ImageAttachment node that were initiated on or before February 16. Click on the image to enlarge.

If your search returns results with a created date on or prior to February 16, use the “FMS AP Upload Record” report described above to confirm that you uploaded your paperwork. Once you have confirmed that the paperwork was uploaded, contact fmsdvhlp @ indiana . edu using the format below:

Subject line: DV 12345678 has not routed
Text: I uploaded supporting documentation for DV 12345678 on February 15 (as confirmed by IUIE reporting). The DV has not routed past ImageAttachment. Please research and advise me for next actions.
New KFS Training Curriculum
The FMS Training team launched a new KFS training curriculum in January 2018. Participants are now able to enroll in the following trainings:
  • Getting Started with KFS (2 hours): This hands-on training introduces participants to the basic principles of IU’s finance and accounting systems as well as the core components of KFS.
  • Common KFS Documents (2 hours): Participants in this scenario-based training will learn when and how to use three common KFS documents: Distribution of Income and Expense, General Accounting Adjustment, and Transfer of Funds
  • Introduction to Financial Reports (90 minutes): In this interactive training, participants will establish a foundational understanding of the vocabulary used in financial reports at IU and will explore the similarities and differences between IU’s three financial reporting environments.
  • KFS Balance Inquiries (90 minutes): Participants in this scenario-based training will learn how to run and interpret four KFS Balance Inquiries: Available Balances, Balances by Consolidation, General Ledger Balance, and General Ledger Entry.
  • IUIE Financial Reports (2 hours): This scenario-based training introduces participants to navigating in IUIE. Additionally, participants will learn how to run and interpret three common IUIE reports: Current Balances, Detail Transactions, and GL Budget Analysis.
  • Standard Monthly Reports (75 minutes): Participants in this scenario-based training will learn how to generate and interpret a Standard Monthly Report packet.
These trainings are offered both face-to-face on the Bloomington campus and online in alternating months. The Disbursement Voucher certification series has not changed. Go to https : // fms . iu . edu / training (remove spaces) and follow the “Register for training” link to enroll!
KFS Resources
The Kuali Financial System (KFS) underwent a software upgrade the weekend of February 10-11, 2018. The only change to KFS, aside from some minor technical improvements, was the look and feel of the system. The functionality of KFS documents did not change.

Learn more about the transition by visiting the KFS Upgrade page at http : // go . iu . edu / kfs7 (remove spaces). This page outlines the technical improvements that went into effect with the software upgrade, including the new My Favorites function, and also links to a video of a KFS info session that was recorded earlier this month.

Contact the FMS Training team at fmstrain @ indiana . edu with any questions.
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Disbursement Voucher Special Considerations
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Tue, Mar 6, 2018
Getting Started with KFS
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Wed, Mar 7, 2018
Common KFS Documents
Poplars W183
Thu, Mar 8, 2018
Introduction to Financial Reports
Poplars W183
Tue, Mar 13, 2018
KFS Balance Inquiries
Poplars W183
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