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November 14, 2017
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FMS News
Reminder: Critical Data in KFS Training
On Monday, December 4, 2017, FMS will release a new online training. The training, called Critical Data in KFS, will be required of all KFS users.

Beginning December 4, all new KFS users will need to complete the training before their department can request KFS access on their behalf. Existing KFS users will have from Monday, December 4, 2017 until Monday, March 5, 2018 to complete the training. KFS users who have not completed the training by March 5 will have their KFS access revoked.

Moving forward, all KFS users will need to complete Critical Data in KFS on an annual basis to retain access to KFS. Users who do not complete the training annually will have their KFS access revoked.

Visit go . iu . edu / 1GFl for more information about the training, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
Get Ready for Project Recharge
Over the course of the next year, three financial systems will be upgraded or replaced to add functionality and improve user experience. The systems that will be affected are: the Kuali Financial System (KFS), the Travel Expense Module (TEM), and Procure to Pay (P2P) systems.

KFS 7.0

KFS will be upgraded to the latest version of its software. This upgrade will take place over the weekend of February 10-11, 2018. You can expect to see the new KFS interface beginning Monday, February 12, 2018.

The functionality of KFS documents will not change. The only change to KFS, aside from some technical improvements, will be the look and feel of the system. For more information about the KFS 7.0 upgrade, including screenshots of the new system interface, please visit go . iu . edu / 1K1n.

Chrome River

The Travel Expense Module (TEM) will be replaced by a third party solution, Chrome River, in early 2018. Chrome River is an industry-leading solution in expense management. It aims to simplify the travel and reimbursement process at IU by using both desktop and mobile applications, a user-friendly interface, and enhanced receipt-capture functionality.

Chrome River will also be used to reconcile Procurement Cards (P-cards). FMS and Procurement Services are working together to ensure that help documentation and training workshops will be available when Chrome River is released in the spring.

We are excited for the next year! To keep up-to-date with Project Recharge, and for more information about the changes mentioned above, visit the Project Recharge website: uits . iu . edu / projectrecharge.
Flow Chart for Selecting Vendor Type
University Tax Service (UTS), Travel Management Service (TMS), and Accounts Payable (AP) have come together to create a flow chart to simplify the vendor selection process for Travel and AP Payments. The flow chart illustrates when a PO, DV, or Refund Vendor (RF) is appropriate.

Below is a screenshot of this new flow chart (click the image to enlarge).

It is our hope that this flow chart will help answer common questions in the vendor selection process. If you have additional questions please contact Travel Management Services at travelbl @ iu . edu or the FMS AP DV Team at fmsdvhlp @ indiana . edu.
Update: Accountable Plan Reimbursements
University Tax Service (UTS), Travel Management Service (TMS), and Accounts Payable (AP) have jointly revised the standard operating procedure TSOP 9.02 Accountable Plan Reimbursements.

Highlights from the newly-published TSOP:
  • A flow chart for visual reference that provides guidance regarding employee and vendor out of pocket expense reimbursements.
  • Clarification of how departments must process employee reimbursement for out of pocket expense. In short, if the expense does not satisfy the safe harbor accountable plan rules, the reimbursement must be made via supplemental payroll. Supplemental payroll reimbursements are taxable.
  • Clarification that departments must use object code 4520 for vendor reimbursement that does not satisfy the safe harbor accountable plan rules. These reimbursements are taxable.
  • The procedure for exception to policy requests for out of pocket reimbursement no longer includes completing the Exception to Policy Form with UTS. Instead, departments must document extenuating circumstances in the disbursement voucher (DV) document. AP staff will determine if the provided justification is sufficient for reimbursement.
  • TMS will continue to review exception requests for travel reimbursements that do not satisfy the safe harbor accountable plan rules via the Exception to Policy Form.
To review TSOP 9.02 in its entirety, please visit the list of UTS Standard Operating Procedures here: fms . iu . edu / tax / standard-operating-procedures /. Direct questions to University Tax Services by contacting taxpayer @ iu . edu.
Establishing IU in Online Supplier Management Solutions
Many Indiana University customers and research sponsors are transitioning to state-wide vendor portals and online supplier management solutions. Online supplier portals enable vendors, such as Indiana University, to establish accounts for order acceptance, invoice submission, and payment remittance details. IU is already established as a supplier in many portals, including: Ariba, DrugDev, Eli Lilly, Gilead, Google, Greenphire, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Mayo, and Tungsten.

During the supplier portal setup process, suppliers are required to agree to terms and conditions, upload W-9 documents, and input banking and payment remittance information. This requires the submission of critical data. As a result, IU departments may not create these accounts.

FMS Non-Student Accounts Receivables collaborates with Treasury Operations and Purchasing to ensure online accounts are established in accordance with University Policy DM-01. Please contact FMS Non-Student Accounts Receivable at nonstdar @ iu . edu to request new supplier accounts or access to an existing account.
New: W-8BEN-E Short Form
University Tax Services is excited to introduce a short version of the Form W-8BEN-E. This one-page substitute Form replaces the eight-page IRS W-8BEN-E Form (Rev. July 2017) and is intended for Non-FATCA payments only.

Completion of the W-8BEN-E is mainly used to document the vendor’s status as a Non-U.S. entity. This form can also be used to claim tax treaty benefits. The substitute form should be completed by foreign entities/corporations. Foreign individuals should continue to use the standard W-8BEN form. For examples and instructions on using the new W-8BEN-E Form, check out University Tax Service’s website by visiting: go . iu . edu / W-8.

If you are making a U.S.-source FATCA income payment (Chapter #4) to a non-U.S. vendor, the official 8-page IRS version of the W-8BEN-E must be submitted. Please consult University Tax Services when making this type of payment at taxpayer @ iu . edu.
KFS Training Curriculum Update in 2018
The FMS Training Team is in the process of updating their KFS training curriculum in response to feedback from training participants. Beginning in January 2018, participants will be able to enroll in the following two-hour trainings:
  • Getting Started with KFS: This training introduces participants to the basic principles of IU's finance and accounting systems as well as the core components of KFS.
  • Common KFS Documents: Participants in this scenario-based training will learn when and how to use four common KFS documents: Distribution of Income and Expense, General Accounting Adjustment, Transfer of Funds, and Budget Adjustment.
  • Basic Financial Reports: Participants in this training will be introduced to the vocabulary used in financial reports at IU and will explore the similarities and differences between KFS General Ledger Inquiries and IUIE Reports.
  • Advanced Financial Reports: Participants in this scenario-based training will have an opportunity to explore common KFS queries and IUIE reports that were not addressed in Basic Financial Reports.
These trainings will be offered both face-to-face on the Bloomington campus and online in alternating months. The Disbursement Voucher certification series will not change. Go to https : // fms . iu . edu / training and follow the “Register for training” link to enroll!
Events Calendar
Thu, Nov 16, 2017
Capital Asset Requisition Training
IUPUI, LV 3301
Thu, Nov 16, 2017
University Finance Fundamentals: University Tax
Poplars W183 and Online
Tue, Dec 5, 2017
Financial Processing Basics 1
Poplars W183
Wed, Dec 6, 2017
Financial Processing Basics 2
Poplars W183
Tue, Dec 12, 2017
Introduction to Financial Reports
Poplars W183
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