What is KFS?

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The Kuali Financial System, or KFS, is a web-based, comprehensive suite of tools that serves IU's financial business needs, including budgeting and fund management. KFS is an accounting and finance system built for non-accountants and users with little to no finance experience.

KFS automates the transaction approval process. After a user initiates and submits a document, the document travels along a pre-defined path, or route, for review and approval by additional IU employees who are responsible for fund management at IU.


KFS is made up of modules. Modules group similar functions and electronic documents together. Documents within modules are further divided into three sections:

  • Activities, which provide access to basic business activity. Generally, these documents record transactions that post to the General Ledger.
  • Reference, an assortment of reference tables that define attributes KFS uses to validate transactions and allow users to look up values.
  • Administration, which provides access to documents that are typically performed by a central office.

Descriptions of the most frequently-used modules are provided at the bottom of this page.


Modules are listed in KFS's left navigation pane. Click a module header to open the list of electronic documents housed within the module.


You will only see links to documents to which you have access. For example, "Disbursement Voucher" is listed in the screenshot above. If you do not have permissions to initiate disbursement vouchers, you will not see a link to the “Disbursement Voucher” document in your menu.

The left navigation pane can be opened at any time by clicking the arrow in the top left corner.


Electronic documents can be opened directly from the Search box at the top of the left navigation pane. Search results will display when at least three characters have been entered in the Search box.


Use the checkboxes beneath the Search box to limit results to only Activity, Reference, or Administration documents.


Refresh Menu

The first time you log into KFS, your menu permissions are cached to allow for faster loading during subsequent sessions. If any changes are made to your permissions after the initial cache (for example, you are granted the ability to initiate Disbursement Vouchers), the Refresh Menu link at the bottom of the left navigation pane will enable you to rebuild your menu with your new permissions.


KFS Help

Context-specific help is available throughout KFS. Click on a question mark icon on any document to open document-specific help files.


Additionally, click the Help Links module in the left navigation pane to access links to documentation on the Financial Management Services (FMS) and Office of Research Administration (ORA) websites.


Module Descriptions

IU's implementation of KFS has 13 modules. Descriptions of the most frequently-used modules are below.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module is used for billing non-student receivables. The module creates invoices, records payments, issues credit memos, tracks outstanding receivables, and maintains historical data regarding customer charges and payments.

Capital Asset Management

The Capital Asset Management (CAM) module allows users to track assets purchased through IU, assets received as gifts, and assets that have been transferred or even found. This module handles records for both capital and non-capital assets.
CAM documents allow users to create, maintain, and retire asset records. Additionally, Capital Asset Builder functionality can create asset records from data collected on financial transaction documents in other modules. The system provides several documents to assist IU with inventory management.

Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts (COA) is the set of tables that define the codes and coding structures within KFS, including attributes such as accounts, organizations, and object codes. The COA exists primarily to support and validate entries into the General Ledger (GL). Defining attributes such as accounts, fund groups, organizations, object codes, and object levels is how IU's financial structure is defined.

Financial Processing

The Financial Processing (FP) module allows users to initiate, review, and finalize transactions in KFS.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable

The Purchasing and Accounts Payable (PURAP) module allows users to request materials and services, generate and transmit purchase orders (POs), and process invoices and credit memos received from vendors. The system tracks the status of POs throughout their life cycle and manages encumbrances and other General Ledger entries related to the procurement process.


The Vendor (VND) module allows IU to track individuals, businesses, or other entities that we have done or plan to do business with. The Vendor table includes all information pertinent to a vendor, including tax ID, addresses, contacts, and other details required for the management of IU's procurement process.