NSAR Administration Documents

Description: This suite of support documents allows users to maintain valid values for various attributes.


KFS Module: Accounts Receivable.



  • Credit Memo Reason:
  • Customer Address Type:
  • Customer Upload:
  • Customer Invoice Item Code: Set up identifiers for default information for items or services being invoiced in the Customer Invoice document.
  • Customer Type: Categorize the business types for customers (individual, private, business, etc.).
  • Invoice Recurrence: Create a recurrence record for existing customers so that future invoices will be automatically created based on the details provided (can also be created within the Invoice document).
  • Lockbox Upload:
  • Organization Accounting Default:
  • Organization Options: Define invoice and remit-to information for an AR billing organization and link the billing organization to a processing organization defined in the System Information table.
  • Payment Medium: Define payment types (check, credit card, etc.) for use on the Cash Control document.
  • System Information: Define data specific to each AR processing organization.