KFS 7.0 Upgrade

Part of the Project Recharge initiative was upgrading KFS to the latest version of the software. The upgrade took place over the weekend of February 10-11, 2018, with the new KFS interface beginning Monday, February 12, 2018.

The functionality of KFS documents did not change. Apart from minor technical improvements, the only change to KFS was to the interface. KFS's updated look and feel is consistent with the Kuali Enterprise Dashboard, which was introduced in November 2016. The new look and feel is more modern, with more white space and larger, clearer fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried opening a tab on a document and nothing happened. Help!

You need to clear your browser's cache. This Knowledge Base article  will walk you through the steps you need to take. If you have cleared your browser's cache and are still unable to access tabs in KFS, contact your local IT professional for assistance.

Can I open more than one KFS document at a time?

Yes! You are able to open a document in a new tab or window by right clicking on the document and selecting "Open in a tab" or "Open in a new window," respectively.

What happens if I leave the document screen without saving?

KFS will save the document in initiated status. You may retrieve the document by running an advanced Doc Search and searching for documents with a status of "Initiated."

Did the character limit of the Description field change?

No, the character limit for the Description field is still 40 characters. This character limit also applies to the Line Description field.

What happened to Shop Catalogs?

Shop Catalogs is available in the Purchasing Accounts Payables module in the left hand menu in the "Activities" section. You may also search for Shop Catalogs using the search box at the top of the KFS dashboard.

Where are the Balance Inquiries?

Balance Inquiries may be accessed by opening the Financial Processing module and looking in the Reference section. You may also search for a specific query by using the search box at the top of the KFS dashboard.

Did IUIE reports change because of the upgrade?

No, IUIE reports were not effected by the KFS upgrade.


FMS staff facilitated several webinars about the KFS upgrade. You may view a recording of one of these webinars here

Interface Comparison

Previous KFS interface (click image to enlarge):

accounting lines tab from kfs 5.3

Current KFS interface (click image to enlarge):

accounting lines tab from kfs 7.0

Technical Improvements

  • Favorites: Users are able to "Favorite" frequently-used KFS documents. Favorited documents will display in the "My Favorites" module. Note that the "My Favorites" module will not appear until a document or query has been favorited. Screenshot below. Click to enlarge.

favorites screenshot

  • General:
    • New documents, as well as the Action List and Doc Search screens, display within the KFS environment, instead of opening in a new tab or window.
    • Document buttons (e.g., "Submit, "Save," "Close,") are always visible at the bottom of the document screen.
    • Error messages appear in red, not black, text.
    • When using a lookup (e.g, when searching for an account or object code from within a document), the search fields are formatted in two, not one, columns.
  • Accounting Lines:
    • Accounting lines are prominently labeled with the line number in a blue box next to the line item.
    • A plus (+) button replaces the "Add" button to add a new accounting line to the document.
    • Once an accounting line is added, the buttons to present balances, refresh, and delete a line are icons, not text.
    • The "Line Description" field on the Accounting Lines tab is located to the right of the "Amount" field instead of beneath the accounting information fields.
    • The fields on the General Error Correction Accounting Lines tab are now one line, not two.
    • An "Import Templates" link appears next to the Accounting Lines heading, next to the question mark (?) button, which takes users directly to import template download links.
  • Notes and Attachments: The "Cancel" button below the attachment field is now labeled "Delete Attachment" and applies only to attachments that have not yet been added.
  • Ad Hoc: The formatting of the Ad Hoc tab reflects normal workflow; it first requires input of the user ID, then selection of requested action.
  • Printing: Some browsers are more conducive to printing than others. For example, when using Internet Explorer, KFS documents load before the page's sidebar and header. Users who try to print the document before the page is fully loaded will see strange results.