Journal Voucher (JV)

Description: Perform accounting tasks that cannot be done by any of the other financial transaction documents and correct errors that inadvertently unbalance the General Ledger.

Access: Limited to FMS administrative staff.

KFS Module: Financial Processing.

Routing: Journal Voucher documents are automatically approved upon submission.

On This Page: Business Rules | Journal Voucher Details Tab | Accounting Lines Tab | Examples

Read about KFS document layout, including standard KFS document components, on the FMS website.

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Business Rules

  • This document is not required to balance.
  • This document does not create any offsetting entries.
  • The accounting period associated with the Journal Voucher must be open.
  • When using a Balance Type Code that does not require an offset generation, either a negative or positive amount may be entered in the accounting line Amount field.

Journal Voucher Details Tab

The Journal Voucher Details tab is unique to the Journal Voucher document.



  • The Accounting Period drop-down list will display open accounting periods only.
  • Select a Balance Type Code from the drop-down. The Balance Type Code controls whether the system prompts users to enter an offsetting transaction in the accounting line.
  • Use the Reversal Date field to schedule the automated posting of reverse entries to the General Ledger for this transaction.

Note: If a Balance Type Code that requires an offsetting transaction is used on a document that does not balance, KFS will provide the following message upon document submission. A user may click yes to submit the document as it is or click no to edit and re-submit the document.


Accounting Lines Tab

The Journal Voucher's Accounting Lines tab varies slightly from the accounting lines tabs of other financial transaction documents. When a Balance Type Code that requires an offset generation is selected in the Journal Voucher Details tab, a "Debit" and "Credit" field display in each accounting row. An accounting line may contain either a debit or a credit - not both.


Additionally, the fields that display in the Accounting Lines tab vary depending on which Balance Type Code is selected. When EX, IE, or PE is selected as the Balance Type in the Journal Voucher Details tab, an additional row appears in the accounting line with four additional required fields.


Additional required fields:

  • Encumbrance Update Code: Identify the encumbrance update (R for Reference Document Number or D for Document number).
  • Reference Origin Code: Enter the system code that generated the entry being corrected (01, for FIS/KFS, is most common).
  • Reference Document Type Code: Enter the Ref Doc Type Code for the transaction being processed.
  • Reference Number: Enter the document number for the specific transaction line being corrected.


Administrative groups use the JV document to record a variety of behind-the-scenes transactions, including debts, trade-ins, and benefits.